utorok 29. marca 2011

Poem :)

Here is one poem from my friend.....

Who the hell you think you are ?!?
I wanna ask you something...how can one half man/half woman with
wet blonde hair on your giant head, including your fuckin' silver eyes and your black cheeks, gives away marks which makes people
angry, sick, useless, bad, sad, fat...like your chicken head ?
I'm gonna make a fun of you, right in front of you.
You're just dirty bitch !!!!
.....tak us si konecne zavri hubu a cvič !

by Mikimo :)

piatok 25. marca 2011

So Spring is officially hier!!We are walking,smilinamg,drinking and we are having such a great time spent together  :)Everybody please keep smilling and enjoying vitamin D.
Love you.B. 


streda 16. marca 2011


These days were very sunny and warm so i go out with my friend and hiere are some pics :) flowers,friends,sun,rain I might my life can´t be better <3